About Balram Photography

We adore capturing the joy as well as the poignancy of the day, having as our ultimate goal to create unique photos that the couples will admire for the rest of their lives. There are a few things in our life that we can compare to the feeling of self-fulfillment that we get when the couples, whose weddings we shoot, beam with happiness when they get their wedding photographs in their hands. We would describe by personal style as creative documentary and editorial style wedding photography.

Balram specializes in environmental, candid and portrait style photography for over 25 years….

Balram Photography is based in and around the New Delhi area. He is an avid traveler and found his love and a strong passion for photography through his experiences all around. He is widely recognized for his candid style both in his work abroad and at home. Whether it be a wedding, family portraits, Fashion Shows or any event and simply photos ‘just because’ he guarantees a comfortable, professional shoot with a quality results.

in Delhi, NCR, INDIA



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